WhatsApp give two new feature to the users

unnamedWhatsApp nw feature

WhatsApp a very famous app introduce two new exciting fatures in the new version. They are introducing call back and voice message option.

WhatsApp was perviously buy by the Facebook that is main social media platform. They change the management and than start changing in their feautres and after every few month they give new features to its customers.

Now WhatsApp give call back feature which is used when anybody calls you and when you couldn’t pick at that tym then you have to record message than you will call back.

The next feature is voicemail that is when anybody not in reach than you reord the message.

WhatsApp users are increasing day by day and now a day its users are more than one billion. After takeover by Facebook its graph increasing and they remove the 1 dollar annual fee.

This app is world most popular with most number of downloads. Only few apps that have more than billion download and its parent company facebook also have the this record of more than billion download.

This app introducing new features that is its main reason of getting the popularity and its clear voice call give the advantage in the market.

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