How to back up your photos and music in Android devices


This is the era of technology and internet and everything is shifted to internet. Mostly business are now converted to e commerce and done very well in the world. Smartphones are the big industry and increasing day by day. Billions of people are using smartphones and complete work on it.

Camera is the main feature of any smart phone and it used most of it. People make picture to save to memories and make daily billions of pictures by it. But it has a problem that if your device lost or damage and you have to recover the data than what will do to get it.

So today we are giving you some information that how you save your data like pictures and music when your phone lost or broke. There are some steps you have to follow to back up your photos. If you are using any android device than of Corse you have pictures in your device than you have to save in cloud storage or in the Google photo app. Your mobile have the app and its name is Google photo app, you have to on its automatic saving option. When you on the option than every single picture you capture in your phone will directly save in the app. This is cloud storage app and it will back up your all data.

If you want other option than there are some different app in the market that have same features like the Google photo app. Google app is built in every phone but other app have to download. Dropbox is another app. If you want to back up your picture and music than you have to synchronise your device with the app than every file related to picture and music it will automatically save in the Dropbox. But this app have some limit of storage and you have to buy more storage if you want to save more data.

Now if you want to use your back up data in the other device than you have to do some simple steps. When you use new device you have to login with your account in in which app is use than after that you have to use that app. When you open the app your all back up data related to music or photos it will available in the app.

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